Is your Kid medicine dependent?
Allopathy treatment for Autism and ADHD can create consequences such as dependencies, drowsiness, indigestion issues and many more. Instead, we at Waghanna Clinic, treat root causes using 3-step treatment. Details below.
If you stop modern medicines, many symptoms could reappear like hyperactivity, lack of concentration with more intense form.
Indigestion Issues
Due to the nature of medicines prescribed, child may face nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, and hyperacidity.
Cognitive effects
You can see reduced cognitive abilities like finding difficulty in grasping, perception, calculations, and memory restoration tasks.
Patient seems to be under sedation. You can observe nervousness, and dizziness as well. Especially, a chemical in these modern medicines called "Risperidone" creates these consequences.
But first, let's understand

Root Causes for Autism & ADHD

We do not recommend stopping allopathic medicine immediately after starting our treatment. Allopathic medicine has to be withdrawn gradually. There are some suspected causes, and we treat each of them with 3-step treatment.

Root Causes and How We Treat Them?

Based on my 30 years of experience treating thousands of patients, I'd say suspected root causes can be categorized as: 1) Structural changes in the brain 2) Neurotransmitter imbalance 3) harmful chemicals in the food such as pesticides, artificial colors and flavors etc.

We treat them with 3-step treatment: Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Personalized diet.

First, How does Ayurvedic medicine help?

Structural Changes in the Brain

In autism and ADHD, there are structural changes that occur in the brain. But these changes are different for every kid based on his family genetics, before or after birth challenges, symptoms, medicine he has already taken, eating habits, and so on.

Ayurveda Initiates natural healing process

Our original ayurvedic medicine initiate body's healing process to restore balance. This is one of the most effective and natural ways to treat root cause of ADHD and Autism instead of symptoms alone. We provide 100% natural Ayurvedic medicine obtained from authentic sources.

Second, How Homeopathy helps in Autism & ADHD?

Neurotransmitters (NT) Imbalance

Autism and ADHD is also caused by imbalance in neurotransmitters. What's Neurotransmitter? They are chemical messengers in the brain that help to regulate various brain functions such as mood, memory, sleep, hunger, communication, social skills, and behavior of your child.

Natural Healing with Homeopathy

Homeopathy causes natural healing of brain, gut, overall body, mind and spirit. Our highly-potentized homeopathic remedies, and recommended lifestyle changes supports restoration and proper functioning of these neurotransmitters.
As a result, many of our patients has seen improvement in communication, reduced hyperactivity and many other improvements.

Third Root Cause: Diet Issues

Past and Present Diet Issues

One of the root causes of Autism and ADHD kids is exposure to pesticides, artificial colors, sweeteners, poor diet habits including fast-food and modern lifestyle. I’ve observed these diet challenges can be tracked way back to mother’s pregnancy.

Balanced Diet for Healthy Future

The 0 to 15 years age range is crucial for children's brain and body growth. Special attention to diet is required for kids with Autism and ADHD. We provide completely personalized diet plan that complements ayurveda and homeopathic treatment.
If your kid continue eating Chips, Noodles, Pizza or any other packed food with preservatives, artificial colors and flavors etc., you'll notice increase in hyperactivity, aggressiveness, and lack of concentration.

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From the Ayurvedic & Homeopathy medicine we provide.

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How We Help?

First we recommend you book a free 15-min consultation to see if our medicine and diet plans can help your kid in Autism, ADHD or other brain disease.

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Case Taking Consult

In this consultation, Dr. Suryakiran Waghanna conducts thorough symptom analysis and reviews medical history. He then provides effective treatment plans using homeopathy, Ayurveda, and diet plans. He transparently sets improvement expectations.
Improvement in Speech and more
My son had lot of improvement in speech. His concentration increased. His pinching and pushing to other kids reduced. Now he try to do his own works.
Neel Bhagat
Parent with special child (ADHD)
Improved Communication
My son started answering questions and giving reply to others. Communication improved and repetition reduced in last 4 months of medicine.
Suresh M.
Parent with special child (Autism)
Reduced repetition and more...
My son has Autism. With the help of Dr. Suryakiran Waghanna his speech improved. Also, repetition reduced, eye contact increased, and self-biting reduced.
Rishikesh K.
Parent with special child (Autism)
Hyperactivity reduced
My son improves in his speech. He is controlling his anger and we also saw reduced hyperactivity. Stubbornness reduced. He now listens and follow orders.
Dighar priyansh
Parent with special child (ADHD)
Within 2 months of treatment...
.... understanding improved. My child gained control on stool and urine. Reduced climb on windows, cupboards, tables. He is controlling his impulses nowadays.
Lad Reyansh
Parent with special child (ADHD)
Admission in normal school...
My child is now going to normal school and also writing in school. Thanks to Dr. Suryakiran Waghanna and his treatment. His anger also reduced along with hyperactivity, frequent cold and cough.
Manish Dhotre
Parent with special child (ADHD)